‘Until Dawn’ On Playstation 4: A Combination Of The Best Horror Films And Video Games!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Until Dawn’ On Playstation 4: A Combination Of The Best Horror Films And Video Games!
Until Dawn

“Until Dawn” is as much a film as it is a game, even though it is available on PS4. Could the video game be the best horror movie of the year? Read on to know more details.

The Verge reported that fans could play “Until Dawn” available on the PlayStation 4 using a controller. Even though it is a game, it is much like a film.

Well, it combines some of the best features of biggest horror franchises such as “Evil Dead” and “Saw.” It makes the gaming experience into something that is terrifying as in horror movies. Indeed, the video game might be “the best horror movie of the year,” as it gives “both familiar and unique” horror movie experience.

What could be special about “Until Dawn” horror movie? The interactivity feature that allows the users to control the events is the thing that makes this movie special.

We could control the eight major characters of the narrative-heavy adventure game. We could control different tasks – the characters’ movement around different environments, investigation process, conversations, and decision-making. The choices might be simple as well as difficult. Sometimes, we could be in a tough situation to choose “between life and death.”

The best thing we could do is to hide or keep running when we are being chased. The game would be difficult with tougher choices when progressed further. We have the possibility of controlling the events wisely by making correct decisions.

“Until Dawn” was released on the PlayStation 4 on August 25, enabling fans to enjoy the combination of the best of horror films and games on PS4.

Normally, when we watch a horror movie, we might get upset or angry at times when the on-screen characters does something stupid. But the adventure survival horror video game, which combines the best of horror films and games on PS4, would give us an amazing experience with its interactive feature.

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