‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion not going to happen says Katie Holmes

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion not going to happen says Katie Holmes

The last episode of “Dawson’s Creek” made us cry, but in reality 12 years has been passed and the star, Katie Holmes has finally confirmed that there will be no reunion of “Dawson’s Creek,” at least from her side.

In an interview with the Yahoo! Style, the 36-year-old American actress, Katie Holmes said that according to her she do not want those characters to grow and when while playing one of the most beloved roles of American television, Katie Holmes said that they all had a pinch of innocence in them and while playing those roles, they all really enjoyed it.

“Dawson’s Creek,” that ran for six seasons followed the story of Joey Potter and her gang of Dawson Leery, Jen Lindley, Pacey Witter and Jack McPhee among other characters who spent most of their time in college and then fast forwarded to their mid-20s. At the last episode, Katie Holmes character, Joey Potter moves to New York City where she start working as a book editor and chooses Pacey Witter over Dawson Leery.

The mother of 9-year-old, Suri later added that after the finale of “Dawson’s Creek,” she tried to stay in touch with everyone “Every now and then…. I just saw Michelle, I just saw her in Cabaret, she was amazing,” said the actress.

But if you still want to see Katie Holmes on television, don’t forget to tune your TV on July 12 for the season three of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” where Holmes is playing the role of Paige Finney, a high class business woman who is struggling to find her own power within her family.

So, it seems like one will never be able to see the drama of the American gang again in the reunion but what they showed in six season is irrepressible and as Katie Holmes said, “we enjoyed while working in it,” so does we enjoyed watching all the six seasons of it.

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