‘Days Of Our Lives’ Nov. 13 Spoilers: Hope Stays Away From Her Loved Ones: Abigail Loses Her Baby?

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Days Of Our Lives’ Nov. 13 Spoilers: Hope Stays Away From Her Loved Ones: Abigail Loses Her Baby?

This is going to be a big month for the fans of the “Days of Our Lives” as they will be witnessing the reunion of Bo and Hope. After all the difficult times the two have gone through, it’s a thrilling moment to see the power couple back on television screen again. But unluckily, the spoilers and buzzes are setting a phase for a major heart breaking moments.

“DOOL” episode on Thursday is much-awaited, as there will a huge conflict between Chase (Jonathan McClendon) and Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) Nicole will have a rift with Fynn, who is a friend of Daniel played by Shawn Christian, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) approaches Hope and Theresa asks Brady (Eric Martsolf)about the status of their relationship.

“Days of Our Lives” previous episodes point out that there are deeply touching conversations and crucial moments for Bo and Hope as they go through everything that has transpired. Hope married Aiden with the hope of having a good life, she began to fall victim to Aiden’s evil scheme to kill her. Bo rushed back to Salem and managed to get to the mansion in an attempt to save Hope and kill Aiden. Hope was found unconscious.

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Friday’s episode of “DOOL” tease that Hope will go away from her family and friends, Steve doubts Joey played by James Lastovic being a aimed by an former competitor and takes actions to protect him; while Chad informs Rafe that Abigail is in hot water; Abigail begs Ben to bring her to a hospital, scared of losing her baby.

Meanwhile, “Days Of Our Lives” spoilers from Realty Today wrote on the possibility that Melanie Jonas will be returning to Salem. Also rumors about Molly Burnett’s return as Melanie started after Jenn Lilley followed Burnett on Twitter. This may serves as a clue of Melanie’s return to Salem in the NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” celebration after 50 years on television. In the event that Melanie does return to Salem, this will surely trigger another love triangle with Philip and Chloe?

“Days of Our Lives” airs on Monday to Friday on NBC.

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