‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers December 14: Sparks Fly Between Belle & Philip? Will They Reunite?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers December 14: Sparks Fly Between Belle & Philip? Will They Reunite?
Days Of Our Lives

“Days Of Our Lives” spoilers would reveal during the current week that Belle will do some catching up with the guys from the past. Fans of the show are dying to see a reunion between Belle and Philip. And their anticipation has further gone up among the loyalists as many reports indicate that old sparks will still fly between the ex spouses.

Fans of “Days of Our Lives” might remember that Philip and Belle were married once upon a time. Philip believed for some time that Claire, who is the daughter of Belle is his daughter too till it was eventually revealed in the show that it was Shawn Brady who fathered the little girl. A time came when Belle got married to Shawn and Salem was left on his own to travel around the globe on a Brady boat.


In recent times, viewers of “Days of Our Lives” were absolutely thrilled when Jason Cook was brought back to play the part of Shawn. It was an icing on the cake when DOOL’s fans saw Martha Madison being brought in once again as Belle Black.

Soon it was unveiled that the couple’s marriage was under trouble while they lived in Maine. Belle shared with her parents Marlena and John that Shawn was always busy with his work and spent very less time at home.


His neglect led Bella to do something completely unimaginable. She got close to another man and cheated on her husband.

But those who watch DOOL are aware that this is not the only time that Bella has cheated on her husband.  In fact, she even slept with Philip Kiriakis, her former husband even when she was with Shawn. Shawn however forgave Bella as he loved her too much.

But will Shawn be forgiving again?  Shawn made up his mind to go back to Maine when Belle intimated him that she wanted to go back to Salem. It was then that Jason Cook stopped playing Shawn’s role which was a big disappointment for the fans of Belle and Shawn.

But the good news for the fans of Belle and Shawn is that pair won’t be missed by the couple for a long time.  Brandon Beemer is tipped to play the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady. This means that there may be a love triangle for Philip, Shawn and Belle in case Belle is still shown to have feelings for her estranged hubby and her former husband.  This is nothing new for the viewers of “Days of Our Lives”


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