‘Days of Our Lives Spoilers’ December 15: Chad Falls For Belle And Dumps Abby

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
‘Days of Our Lives Spoilers’ December 15: Chad Falls For Belle And Dumps Abby
Days of our Lives Spoilers

“Days Of Our Lives” has a new development. Andre is convinced that Belle is not ignorant about how Sami has made use of DiMera’s money. And it looks like he is right about this.

Thanks to Belle’s half-sister, she is now an heiress with about 50 percent of the wealth in one of the off-shore accounts that have been opened in her name. Someone would brainwash Chad completely so that he gears up to find this fortune.

What would be exciting to see is how the fans of “Days Of Our Lives” react when Chad falls for Belle romantically.  The fans of the show must be aware that Chad is slightly younger than Belle.

Again, Belle is not entirely inexperienced as she did date a bad boy in the past who hailed from a powerful family. There was a time when Philip Kiriakis and Belle were man and wife. Philip was the youngest son of Victor. The couple is all set to get back together this week in Salem.

Movienewsguide.com had earlier reported that soon the viewers of “Days of Our Lives” would see sparks flying between Philip and Belle. It looks like Belle might soon land into an awkward position.

Belle has not separated from Shawn, her present husband who is now in Maine. But it seems that for the time being she would be reconnecting with Philip who is her former hubby.

Now that Chad would be trying his best to woo Belle, things might get heated up pretty soon.

“Days of Our Lives” loyalists need not worry about the fate of Chad and Abby, Inquistr reported. It might so happen that when Chad realizes that his brother Andre had brainwashed him, they might reunite once again. The couple may then live happily for ever or at least till the time they live in Salem.

But, Belle is yet to separate from Shawn and the latter is tipped to come back to Salem next year. Will all be well in their paradise when they meet each other? Will Shawn be able to forgive his wife for deceiving him once again? Will Belle develop romantic feelings for Philip, her ex-husband?

“Days Of Our Lives” is promising to have lots of interesting twists in its plot in the coming days for sure and fans would definitely not want to give it a miss.  So tune into NBC on weekdays to see the romantic drama unfold.

What are your views on Chad falling for Belle and dumping Abigail on “Days Of Our Lives”?

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