‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eric And Nicole’s Secret Comes Out; Abigail Demands Paternity Test; Serena’s Life In Danger

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eric And Nicole’s Secret Comes Out; Abigail Demands Paternity Test; Serena’s Life In Danger
Days Of Our Lives

[Spoiler alert! A few spoilers of the next episodes of “Days of Our Lives” are presented here. Read further to know more in details, or if you tend to miss the telecast.]

“Days of Our Lives” Spoilers in the week of July 13-17 shows Eric (Greg Vaughan) contemplating that this is the right time to convince Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and let her heart throb with the sensation of his love and extreme feeling for her. Eric is ready to tune with the axiom ‘let bygones be bygones,’ but will Nicolo be as bold as Eric in forgetting the past?

Eric is believed with the fact that Nicole should be ensured anyhow that he has changed his mind. But he is not aware of her heart, which has already started beating for Daniel (Shawn Christian). Eric finally confesses his love for Nicole. Here Serena (Melissa Archer) enters, who eavesdrops their crucial conversation, which was mainly about their (Eric and Nicole’s) previous intimate night.

However, Nicole gets awakened of Serena’s overhearing and she doubts that if Serena reaches to Daniel with her tale of intimacy with Eric, she would certainly be dethroned from Daniel’s heart. Meanwhile, Daniel, who is unaware of the intimate relationship between Nicole and Eric, ponders over the dream that his life is secure with Nicole. Sooner, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is going to be astonished to learn that Daniel is sketching some future plans with Nicole.

On the other side, “Days of Our Lives” Spoilers shows the reaction of Abigail (Kate Mansi) to the news that she is pregnant. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is stupefied with amazement and left in a sticky situation when Abigail demands a paternity test to determine if Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) or Chad (Billy Flynn) is the father of her baby.

Serena is already threatened multiple times from Xander (Paul Telfer) who is a dangerous criminal. However, Serena tries to put all her efforts to make Xander unsuccessful in his anti-social order mission that could be quite perilous for Serena.

Stay tuned to all the upcoming episodes of “Days of Our Lives” that is aired Monday to Friday at 1pm on NBC.

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