‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kassie DePaiva Confirms Her Exit; Shawn Christian, Guy Wilson’s Characters’ Ultimate Consequence?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kassie DePaiva Confirms Her Exit; Shawn Christian, Guy Wilson’s Characters’ Ultimate Consequence?
Days of Our Lives

The fans and viewers of “Days of Our Lives” could see the exit of major characters in conjunction with the present serial killer plot. The viewers would be surprised by knowing the names of the actors in the list who are about to leave in the next few months as they have become quite favorite to be in the series for a long period of time. Continue reading to get more update on the series.

Kassie DePaiva, who is known for her popular portrayal of Blair Cramer on “One Life to Live” that ran from 1993 to 2013, has confirmed her exit on Sunday from “Days of Our Lives,” the TV series in which she played the character of Eve Donovan since her return to the show in 2014.

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According to TV Guide, DePaiva stated in her own official page that she had “no regret” for her exit from the show as she had enjoyed and attained remarkable experience there. She also expressed her gratitude saying that she was truly fortunate for getting an opportunity to participate in the wonderful stories of “Days of Our Lives” with remarkable actors.

“From the beginning as Eve showed up in town and throughout her bumpy ride through Salem it has all been a good time for me. I got to work with people that I have admired for many years. I especially want to thank Melissa Reeves, True OBrien, Casey Moss, Jen Lilley, Wally Kurth, and A Martinez. They each helped me find the ‘real’ Eve,” the 54-year-old DePaiva stated.

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A rumor broke out in June that Shawn Christian would be exiting “Days of Our Lives” soon, but later it remained a buzz without any confirmation. However, Serial Scoop recently confirmed that Christian’s character Dr. Daniel Jonas would be totally killed off, but his demise would be accomplished in a non-serial killer way.

Another young character Will Horton, played by 29-year-old Guy Wilson, is reported to face death by becoming the victim of a serial killer. Enstars showed all the possibilities of his exit from the show, however Wilson denied such claims.

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