‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Murder, Seduction, And Compromised Hypnosis Sessions

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Murder, Seduction, And Compromised Hypnosis Sessions

Recent “Days of Our Lives” spoilers revealed vital developments with the lives of Chad, Andre, Ava, and Kayla, among others. Let’s take a closer look!

First off, details from Inquisitr report that Chad rejects the plan to seduce Belle, as proposed by Andre during Wednesday’s episode. Chad cannot bear the thought of leaving Abigail (with whom he plans to build a future with), not to mention that he thinks Belle would see right through the ruse anyway. Andre is unfazed, however, as he is found busting in on Marlena’s hypnosis session and plants the seeds of the plan on an unsuspecting Chad.

While this seems rather elaborate, it’s clear that this is merely the first part of Andre’s plan, showing that he’ll do anything to realize his schemes. And they might as succeed, as we’ll see Chad breaking the news to a devastated Abby. Actor Billy Flynn even tried to pacify fans of Chabby, saying this was merely a “temporary setback.”

The Christian Post also adds rather shocking details: Dr. Malcolm was  killed and the killer is at large. Rafe apparently believed Hope was responsible for the doctor’s murder, leading to her arrest. Hope, however, swears that she knows nothing about the tragedy (although she seems to have every reason to wish for the doctor’s demise). Fortunately for her, evidence strongly suggests that indeed someone other than Hope did the killing.

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They also added that while we see Ciara being snatched by some thugs earlier, she’s safe as of now, returning back to her routine. One thing to be noted was that she found out about a bully that had been harassing Theo; an interesting development will be Ciara reaching out to Theo after this revelation. It is known that Theo has a big crush on Ciara, and the bullying angle may work to his advantage as the two spend more time together.

There were also reports of Ava and Kayla meeting personally, exchanging some big revelations.

We see Ava as pretending to help Kayla and Steve, but no word yet on whether the two will soon find out about Ava’s plot against them.

Viewers can catch all of these and more as “Days of our Lives” resumes, weekdays on NBC.

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