‘Days of our lives spoilers’: Abigails son’s paternity under question!

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
‘Days of our lives spoilers’: Abigails son’s paternity under question!

“Days of our lives” spoilers suggests that this week Abigail Deveraux will be shocked after discovering that her ex-lover, Ben Weston is not the father of her son. The serial killer, Ben Weston isn’t the real father of Abby’s son, Thomas. Shocked? Then who else is his real father? Read on!

In the upcoming episodes, Thomas Deveraux will immediately require some serious medical urgency. As per “Days of our lives” spoilers, his treatment might demand a DNA test of both his parent. But, when the results are out, it will be revealed that Thomas isn’t Weston’s son. If it’s not Ben then, is it Chad DiMera, Abby’s ex-boyfriend and present love interest?

According to Inquisitor, Chad is pretty much upset with Abigail as he is being brainwashed by his brother Andre DiMera. But, the spoilers suggest that Abigail may disclose the truth of her son’s identity to Chad. Will Chad accept paternity of Thomas? Let’s hope that, the truth would change his attitude towards Abby. Perhaps, Chad would realize how much he loved her in the past.


But as per “Days of our lives” spoilers, it’s not going to be so easy. Andre is trying hard to keep Chad away from Abigail. From the last episode, it was clear that Andre hijacked Chad’s hypnotherapy with Dr. Marlena and used it for brainwashing Chad to go against Abigail. Andre has clear cut plans to make Chad DiMera, Belle Black’s love interest so that he can get back all the DiMera’s money fortune. Andre believes that Belle obtained all the DiMera’s money from her sister, Sami Brady.

Even though Chad DiMera is trying hard to pursue Belle, she still has feelings for her ex husband, Shawn Douglas Brady. As per the spoilers, Philip may invite Belle to attend the Basic Black fashion show with him after their divorce. Even though it seems as if she accepted the invite, there are speculations that she might switch dates a midst the event.

At the moment, Belle’s love life in “Days of our life” has become a hot topic among the fans. A lot more drama is awaiting the viewers in 2016, soon after Shawn returns back to Salem. If rumors are true, Abigail will end up seeing Chad and Belle in bed, which can eventually give her a mental shock. May be, Thomas can bring the love pair Chad and Abigail back together! Let’s hope so!

Another major twist is waiting for the fans, this New Year as a huge dramatic tragedy is about to happen with Dr. Daniel Jonas in the upcoming episode. Viewers, sit back and watch “Days of our lives” every weekdays only on NBC.


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