A DC Actor Is Interested In Playing A Marvel Supervillain In Venom

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
A DC Actor Is Interested In Playing A Marvel Supervillain In Venom
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Nowadays, actors have changed the trend of securing roles. With the advent of technology, many of them tend to pitch themselves for roles they want to play on social media platforms.

In addition to this, their fans run campaigns as well for their favorite actors to grab a specific role. One DC actor has now used the same method and expressed interest in playing a major role.

Gotham star Cameron Monaghan as Carnage

Screen Rant reported that Gotham star Cameron Monaghan has expressed interest in playing the supervillain Carnage in Sony’s Venom. The movie, which is a part of Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe, will be focusing on the web slinger’s prime enemy Venom.

Tom Hardy is playing the lead role and Carnage has been revealed as the main villain. Following the revelation, Monaghan has shown interest in playing Carnage.

Much like Venom, Carnage is an alien symbiote that has often fought against Venom. However, in some instances, Carnage has proven to be more than enough evil for Venom, which has forced the supervillain to become an antihero.

Monaghan’s previous roles

Monaghan found fame when he played the role of Ian Gallagher in Shameless. However, his role as a psychopath and criminal Jerom, Valeska in Gotham is what fans consider to be his best role.

His obsession with the young Bruce Wayne and his eerie laughter in the TV series made many fans assume that he will at some point be revealed as Batman’s archenemy Joker. But it was never confirmed whether Valeska was really the evil Prince of crime or not.

Fans on Twitter have started a campaign for the actor to be chosen as the alien symbiote.

History of Carnage

When Venom’s human host Eddie Brock was in jail, he was certain that the symbiote would help him break out of jail.

However, Brock did not know that Venom was due to give birth at the time. During the rescue, Venom gave birth to a symbiote called Carnage. Much like its parent, Carnage found another human host by the name of Cletus Kassady, a twisted murderer.

After he paired up with him, it was revealed that Carnage had the powers of both Spider-Man and Venom. After the web slinger was not able to defeat Carnage, he enlisted the help of Venom.

Since Venom hated his son Carnage, he decided to help Spider-Man. In Venom, chances are Hardy’s character alone will somehow find a way to defeat the other symbiote.

The movie is not a part of the MCU, which might make Tom Holland’s appearance in it not possible. But it should be also noted that Sony and Marvel have a deal focusing on Spider-Man, which might just lead to Holland’s appearance in Venom.

Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe

Taking inspiration from the likes of Marvel and DC, Sony decided to launch its own cinematic universe called Spider-Man cinematic universe.

In this universe, the studio will explore and make movies starring all the villains that Spider-Man has fought. After Venom, the studio will focus on movies like Sinister Six and Black Cat and Silver Sable.

The supervillain team was teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but there were no plans revealed for the team back then.

Plot and release date of Venom

Venom does not have an official plot yet but reports have confirmed that it will focus on Eddie Brock who after Spider-Man became the symbiote’s host. The movie is expected to be an origin story and show Venom as both supervillain/antihero.

Venom will release next year on Oct. 5.


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