This DC Hero Wants To Fight Other DC’s Heroes’ Foes

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This DC Hero Wants To Fight Other DC’s Heroes’ Foes
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Arrow is one of the most successful DC TV shows on The CW. And due to its success, it has led to multiple spin-offs and has had multiple successful seasons. As the show prepares for a new season, the lead star of the show revealed some details about the upcoming villains.

Stephen Amell recently expressed that he would like to see his archer superhero fight enemies of one other DC hero.

Amell’s statement about DC villains

Screen Rant reported that Amell recently spoke about the new season of Arrow. While he gave little details about the new season, there was one particular detail that caught many people’s attention.

He expressed interest in fighting some of the villains that Flash has gone up against. It is not that he does not have bad guys in his gallery but he would like to see his character fight some of scarlet speedster’s.

He named King Shark and Harrison Wells’ evil version as the two villains who he would like to see his character go up against. As to why he choose these two villains, he stated that fighting King Shark would be fun whereas dealing with Wells would be awesome because he is smart.

Out of these two choices, Wells especially can be an interesting foe for Green Arrow. He is also known as the Reverse Flash in Arrow-verse and has a deep sadistic history in the DC universe. Much like how he has caused so many problems for the Flash, he could cause some kind of damage for the archer as well.

Other Flash villains that Green Arrow can fight

Except for King Shark and Harrison Wells, there are other Flash villains as well that Arrow can battle. There are villains like Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Gorilla Grodd, Savitar and even Professor Zoom.

Some of these villains are as fast as the scarlet speedster, one has the power of telepathy and controlling minds while the other two are classic rogues from Flash’s gallery.

Grodd’s telepathy or Zoom’s super speed can prove to be a major challenge for Green Arrow, making them the top two villains other than King Shark and Harrison Wells who the archer can fight.

Villains that Green Arrow has fought

The archer himself has an impressive line-up of villains. Since the first season, he has gone up against Amanda Waller, Baron Reiter, Deadshot, Isabel Rochev, Ra’s Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn and most importantly Deathstroke.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Deathstroke is the most formidable villain that the archer has fought. He was actually an ally when he was trapped on the same island along with Oliver.

But since he was injected with a serum, he ended up blaming Oliver for Shado’s death. It was the archer who cost the mercenary his one eye and years later he came back to extract revenge.

Arrow, with each new season, has made an effort to go a notch higher with its characters including villains.

Arrow new season synopsis

Reports have stated that this new season will be all about family. The synopsis also stated that after having put together a solidified team of crime fighters, the same team would be threatened. A threat from unexpected enemies will force Oliver to rethink his equation with each member of this family.

Plot and premiere date

Arrow is the story of a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen based on the DC character of the same name. He was stranded on an island for five years where he trained himself in archery.

After returning back to Star City, he started fighting crime as a vigilante and used the same bow and arrow as his weapons. In his quest to fight for justice, he is helped by the likes of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak amongst others.

Arrow season 6 will premiere on Oct. 12.


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