This DC Movie Rumored To Begin Production Early Next Year

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This DC Movie Rumored To Begin Production Early Next Year
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DCEU movies are slowly shaping up and each movie is fast gearing into production. Out of all the movies that are taking shape, the latest update about Shazam has revealed a vital piece of information. This tiny but important detail has revealed when the movie will likely go into production.

Shazam goes into production next Feb.

Screen Rant reported that ever since its inception, not much information has been made available about the superhero movie. Dwayne Johnson has been attached to it since the beginning but other than that the movie has not moved ahead.

The latest update revealed that it finally seems to be moving ahead as it has received a production date. If it turns out to be true then Shazam will begin production next year in February.

Any details on the movie’s casting were still not made but if the movie is beginning production just seven months from now, it will speed up the casting process as well.

Cast of Shazam

As mentioned above Johnson is the only cast member who has been attached to the project till now. But the latest report has also hinted that Johnson might not even be seen in this movie.

If his Black Adam will not be a part of Shazam, it would be interesting to see which villain does Shazam go up against and to see which movie serves as Black Adam’s debut.

Many reports have speculated that Man of Steel 2 will be Black Adam’s debut vehicle. According to rumors, Black Adam will think Superman is the Wizard’s champion and hence will attack him.

Following their initial confrontation, both Black Adam and Superman will then be seen in Shazam 2, where Superman will teach Shazam how to control his abilities and powers.

It is also widely known that Johnson was given a choice between playing Shazam or his archrival Black Adam. Since the story and background of Black Adam really intrigued Johnson, he chose that part.

Johnson’s choice for Shazam

Johnson, in an interview, shared who he thinks will make a great Shazam. He did not mention the name of the actor but spoke about meeting him and feeling really good about it.

Toward t, e end he simply said The Lone Ranger. Fans who have seen the movie will immediately know that Armie Hammer was a part of this movie and given his physique, he could be the actor that Johnson is talking about.

However this will not be the only role Hammer has been associated with. He is also a frontrunner for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in DCEU. Since according to him, he has not heard anything from DC yet, he is keeping his options open.

Other potential choices

Apart from Hammer, there are so many actors who fit the description of Shazam. The first choice is Baby Daddy star Derek Theler. He has the physique, child like charm and can pull off comic scenes with ease.

But since he is now attached to the MCU, chances of getting to see him as the DC superhero look quite slim. Kellan Lutz, Liam Hemsworth, Daniel Cudmore and Josh Duhamel are also good options for Shazam if they are considered.

Plot and release date

Shazam does not have an official plot but reports have confirmed that it will be an origin story of the boy who can turn into a superhero by just saying the word Shazam.

He is then granted powers of six Greek Gods namely Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. This practically makes him one of the strongest DC heroes ever. Shazam is scheduled to release in 2019.


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