DC’s ‘Darkseid’ Or Marvel’s ‘Thanos:’ Who’s A Bigger Megalomaniac?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
DC’s ‘Darkseid’ Or Marvel’s ‘Thanos:’ Who’s A Bigger Megalomaniac?

DC’s “Darkseid” and Marvel’s “Thanos,” both of them are equally powerful and bear some very similar qualities. Big and Powerful Master Strategists, these megalomaniacs will stop at nothing until they have achieved their aim of ruling the universe. So, what if we were to break down their powers to see who’s better? Let’s take a quick look as to what makes them the megalomaniacs that they are.

Clevver Movies did just that and the analysis itself has been extraordinary. Both the megalomaniacs have created enough problems for “Justice League” and “Avengers” and still continue to create problems because knowing their limits is not something they are aware of.

To start with DC’s side led by Erin Robinson, there’s just one weapon, which is more than enough to perish anything that comes Darkseid’s way, and that is Omega beams. They are this specialized weapon/energy blasts that emerge out of Darkseid’s eyes and can deliver blows of disintegrating energy that can erase any living object from reality. Many people have been the unfortunate recipient of the Omega beams. Apart from that, Darkseid is also fast enough to punch Superman multiple times and can increase his size at will.

Marvel’s side Flitz made sure to prepare himself with a fitting reply. According to him, at madness level there’s no match for the mad Titan Thanos who literally murdered his own family and everyone on his planet Titan just to have a passionate relationship with the embodiment of Death. He can absorb cosmic energy at his own will and can punch using the power of space. He becomes a God when he is in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, and the chair that he sits on can basically help him teleport in space, create force fields and move through alternate universes.

DC’s side then mentioned that Thanos just has a weird liking for jewelry because in a DC/Marvel crossover, even Darkseid tried the Infinity Gauntlet but deduced that it did nothing at all. Besides, the Lord of Apocalypse has his own planet and has even at one point of time successfully captured and destroyed Earth.

But despite both of them being so powerful, they have been defeated and even killed by the power of justice. Thanos has been defeated by Adam Warlock and killed by Drax, the Destroyer amongst many other defeats. On the other hand, Darkseid has been defeated by Superman, Justice League and killed by his very own son. Ultimately, both these megalomaniacs have been either destroyed or killed in some way proving the fact that no matter how strong evil gets; it’s always weak against good.

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