DC’s ‘Supergirl’ Gets a TV Series

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
DC’s ‘Supergirl’ Gets a TV Series
Superman S Logo. 2004. Wikimedia Commons/DC Comics

Superheroes are not only dominating comic books and films, but the small screen as well. It is becoming the norm that live-action versions of comic book superheroes are getting their own shows. The first of these was “Smallville,” which told the story of a teenage Clark Kent. Recently, “Arrow,” based on the DC character “The Green Arrow,” has been airing on The CW since 2012. This fall season, DC’s “The Flash” gets its own live action television series, while Marvel is collaborating with Netflix to produce “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones.” Now, a new DC superheroine is on her way to the small screen, as a “Supergirl” television series is currently in the works. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to Deadline, producer, writer and director Greg Berlanti is currently developing a television series based on the superheroine “Supergirl,” with writer and producer Ali Adler. Adler and Berlanti, under Berlanti Productions, will also serve as executive producers along with Sarah Schechter. Warner Brothers Television will also produce the show.

The new television series is said to be a new take on the caped superheroine and will be an origin story of sorts. “Supergirl” was created in 1959 by writer Otto Binder and was designed by Al Plastino. One of the most notable incarnations of Supergirl was Kara Zor-El. Kara hails from the planet Krypton and shares Superman’s powers, as they are cousins. Kara was most recently seen on television in the television series “Smallville,” where she was portrayed by Laura Vandervoort.

Berlanti is no stranger to producing shows that feature superheroes, as he is currently the executive producer of The CW live-action television series “Arrow” and “The Flash,” which features Barry Allen. The “Supergirl” project will be his third collaboration with DC and its superhero universe.

Meanwhile, Adler is best known for her work as a writer and producer. Her credits include “Chuck” (2007 to 2009), “No Ordinary Family” (2010 t0 2011), “Glee” (2011 to 2012), and “The New Normal” (2012 to 2013).

And that’s the scoop on the newest superheroine live-action television series, “Supergirl,” also known as Kara El-Zor, Superman’s cousin. For more news and updates on the upcoming “Supergirl” project and other television shows, keep  following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/DC Comics


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