Deadpool 2 Casts Cable By Stephen Lang? Actor From Avatar Perfect For Role

By Janine | 2 years ago
Deadpool 2 Casts Cable By Stephen Lang? Actor From Avatar Perfect For Role
Deadpool 2 Casts Cable By Stephen Lang Actor From Avatar Perfect For Role

It has long been a curiosity for fans to find out who will play Deadpool’s Cable. After that teaser bit Ryan Reynolds did at the end of the first movie, the confirmation screams curiosity. Now, with Deadpool 2 coming up, producer Simon Kinberg explains the details.

The post-credit scene from the first movie excites fans so much that the casting has been kept secret. Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson names a few actors to play the role. Such as Mel Gibson and Keira Knightly. Finally, the actor who will be playing the time traveling mutant has been narrowed down, according to IGN.

The producer admits that the final decision is undecided. However, speculations surrounding the character points to Stephen Lang. Stephen Lang to play Cable is the perfect fit, according to fans.

The Avatar actor, who plays Col. Miles Quaritch, is bad-ass and has the beard. Just add some more gruff and ruggedness and he is set. Nathan Summers, also known as Cable, describes to be a warrior and a soldier. He has a serious mean look that Stephen Lang can carry.

He needs to maintain that grim face because Deadpool 2 looks like it will have more jokes than the first one. Kinberg himself explains that the sequel pokes fun at other Marvel superhero sequels and, maybe, its own movie. Will Ryan Reynold’s pull some Wolverine and Hugh Jackman antics again?

Based on Kinberg’s comments, he chooses to play jokes on the movies in 2016. Like the drama between Iron Man and Captain America when Captain America: Civil War.

While Cable and the jokes are the top two things fans look forward to, the story line is still unknown. The story arc surrounding Deadpool and Cable stems from Cable trying to change the world for the better. The big bad wolf in the timeline is Apocalypse. Then, Cable finds himself in a conflict with the Silver Surfer.

There is no official release date for Deadpool 2 at the moment but Marvel Studios is targeting 2018.

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