Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds May Not Star in the Deadpool Sequel

By Chan Lasan | 11 months ago
Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds May Not Star in the Deadpool Sequel
Deadpool 2

There is no stopping Deadpool 2. The motor-mouthed mercenary could be annoying at times, but there is no question that he is entertaining. Now fans will be seeing more of his antics when its sequel hits movie theaters.

Its success in the box office guaranteed that Deadpool 2 would be hitting theaters sooner or later. However, production plans for the sequel hit a roadblock when director Tim Miller left. This has caused fans to worry about the fate of the movie.

According to a Stopru report, the director decided to part ways with star Ryan Reynolds over creative differences. The actor, who did a remarkable job portraying Wade Wilson, is also the film’s producer. There have been reports hinting that the two had opposing ideas as to the sequel’s direction.

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Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Retains Its Scrappy Look

It would seem that Reynolds wanted to continue with the cinematic style of the first film, as fans enjoyed the “scrappy” look. However, Miller was reportedly going for a more polished look. While the change might seem minimal to laymen, it would actually entail securing a bigger budget for the sequel.

All is not lost though as the director’s chair has already been filled. Stopru has also reported that David Leitch will be taking over directorial duties. Fans of the action genre know him for his work on John Wick, The Matrix Trilogy and The Bourne Legacy.

Now that Leitch is on-board, it is all systems go for Deadpool 2. However, there is still that little matter of the release date. This is particularly crucial as 20th Century Fox has recently been doing a little re-organizing of its calendar.

The studio has changed the release dates of Alien:Covenant and Kingsman 2. It also revealed two dates that they are eyeing for two, still unannounced, Marvel movies – Nov. 2, 2018 and February 14, 2019. Fans are hoping that the November date will be reserved for Deadpool 2.

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