Deadpool 2’s Cable & Domino May Save It From Sequelitis

By April Lara | 1 year ago
Deadpool 2’s Cable & Domino May Save It From Sequelitis
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Deadpool 2 is slated to hit the big screens in 2018. However, no official release date has been announced yet. So far, the sequel is under casting speculations as fans await the coming of Cable. It has also been under such scrutiny as critics remain wary of a Deadpool sequel.

The Return of a Character

Earlier this year, news about Brianna Hildebrand reprising her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead has brought in exultation to fans. Hildebrand’s character has become a fan-favourite. In fact, her character contributed largely to the success of Deadpool. Hildebrand, looking all excited for the upcoming sequel revealed some juicy details about her character.

She articulated that her character will be much ‘cooler’ this sequel hinting that her character will go through a wardrobe overhaul giving her a more badass look. Fans can expect a more mature Negasonic in the sequel but will remain to be the punk kid that we have grown to love.

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The Introduction of Domino

In other news, Cable and Domino of X-Force will also be joining Deadpool. Domino will be played by Zazie Beets as per IGN. A brief description of Domino’s character:

Originally known as Neena Thurman, Domino doesn’t have your usual superpowers. Domino is a mutant raised by scientists in a lab who aims to create mutant soldiers. She was part of The Six Pack but upon meeting Cable, her fate changed leading her to join the X-Force. Her telekinesis power may not sound too impressive but it has the ability to affect every thing and every one around her, allowing her to make someone do what she wants or better yet, influencing the environment around her to do what she wants it to do. There have been hints that Domino hasn’t shown the full potential of her powers yet, which can be pretty exciting leaving fans with a glimmer of hope for an epic power reveal.

Bonus fun fact: she was also romantically involved with Cable and Wolverine.

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Who is Cable?

When casting for Domino has been confirmed it won’t be long now until they announce who’s playing the role of Cable. According to co-writer Paul Wernick as per, “We’re gonna go into production in the next couple of months and cast announcements will be coming fast and furious.”

Several actors have been linked to Cable last year starting from Dolph Lundgren then to Stephen Lang. The rumor mill also churned out Russell Crowe’s name but this has been put to rest by the movie’s former director, Tim Miller.

Wernick further added that they are looking for someone who exudes the Alpha male personality as Cable is the lead of X-Force. He, later on, teased that people are going to go crazy over who’s playing one of the most anticipated Deadpool characters.


Sequel trap!

In the film industry, movie sequels have been proven to be the hardest movies to pull off rightly. After a successful first movie, the team behind sequel movies are more pressured to give the audience something new without veering away too much from the first movie’s reputation.

Screenwriter Rhett Reese eases the minds of fans by saying that they are going into the movie direction sequel with the inspiration of previous successful movie sequels such as the Godfather movies, Aliens and The Road Warrior. Reese also said that they are more focused on quality control so as not to fall into the “sequel trap” or more popularly known by now as “sequelitis.”

He assured fans as per Cinema Blend that he and Wernick will still recapture the highlights of the first movie but at the same time, diving into new territory giving fans the right mix of nostalgia and new adventures. In fact, this is what led them to bring in new characters such as Domino and reprising the roles of Negasonic and Colossus.

In light of all of these, we cannot wait to see the big bad red appear on the big screen once again. We’ve been missing his sarcastic jabs, fratboy humour, and awesome “karate chops.”

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