‘Deadpool’: 3 Things to Note in the Amusingly Outrageous Second Trailer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’: 3 Things to Note in the Amusingly Outrageous Second Trailer

Deadpool” is here to make your holidays even more amazing as the second glorious trailer has finally dawned upon us. From going on a killing spree to captivating everyone with his amusing lines, Deadpool is here to make sure fans don’t have one single dull moment. After having seen the trailer, here are 3 things to note in it:


  1. Its not your usual superhero movie as Deadpool tells you in the trailer. It is more like a revenge story where our protagonist goes on a revenge spree after he finds out the people who made him suffer are out there to hurt the people he cares about. So if you are expecting a good guy to take down the bad guys because it is the righteous thing to do, you might be in for a surprise because Deadpool does not have any righteous intentions. Besides this there are a lot of references like Deadpool showing his real scarred face or talking about Chimichangas that have been brought on to the silver screen, which coincide with the comics.
  2. Secondly we finally get to see a Colossus just the way he is meant to be, a Giant one that is. Colossus will reportedly have a major part to play in the movie as he tries to shed his “X-Men-ness” on Deadpool only to be turned down by the mercenary with a mouth. Operating to be on his own, it seems Deadpool will get some assistance from the mighty mutant and his protégé Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
  3. Finally we see the proper origin story of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool that should have been brought to silver screen way before, as the character happens to have a cinematic universe of his own. After what fans saw in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” not everyone thought that the real version of Deadpool will ever make it to the screen but because of some footage that got leaked all over the internet, even the studio executives found themselves more than convinced to make this movie happen.


Daily Mail reported that right after Deadpool shows off his Spandex clad bottom, he is seen murdering some “naughty” people on his list as he goes on a killing spree. He is also heard narrating that the experiment carried out on him has made him completely indestructible and unf****ble. Comicbook.com added that two new trailers were released for the movie that gave us a look at some new footage including Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s power as she strikes one of Angel Dust. “Deadpool” will release next year on February 12th.

Watch the second trailer here:

Photo source: Facebook/Deadpool Movie


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