‘Deadpool’ Comic Con Trailer Description. Ryan Reynolds Starrer Gets Tremendous Response

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’ Comic Con Trailer Description. Ryan Reynolds Starrer Gets Tremendous Response

Fans kept pushing the studio to make the movie happen and by all means they got what they wanted. “Deadpool” or the Mercenary with a Mouth has some serious skills and more importantly a mouth that won’t just shut up. Ryan Reynolds who’s playing the role of Deadpool graced the Hall H of San Diego Comic Con along with co-stars T.J. Miller, Ed Skrien, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Gina Carano and director Tim Miller. This is what the footage from the movie revealed at the event.

According to Slash Film, the footage started with Ryan  Reynolds as Wade Wilson sitting with girlfriend Vanessa while getting emotional support from her about the cancer that has developed in his body. As opposed to his girlfriend’s approach, Wade himself is shown as somewhat skeptical. Then something unexpected happens when Wade is offered an opportunity to become someone who most men would want to be. The trailer shows him visiting dark alleys and shady nightclubs in hoodies while the man continues that he can make Wade a superhero. The man is revealed to be Ajax, an enforcer of the Weapon X program. A little shot of a creepy hallway and a bit of sense of humor later, he gets knocked down by Ajax’s associate.

The reel cuts to an exploding building and shows Deadpool in his full classic costume jumping on the roof of a car and entering it only to finish everyone who is in it. It is basically an updated version of the leaked test clip that got the studio to make the movie at the first place. When he is shown surrounded by the rest of the men, he puts his hands up explaining the reason why he wears a red suit. The reason is simple and is known by every “Deadpool” fan that he does not want anyone to look at him bleed. He also points at one of the henchmen’s brown pants indicating something. When attacked by the same guy, Deadpool flips in the air and shoots him. He also receives a hit from Colossus who has the nickname of “Big Chrome C***gobbler” allotted to him. After having met Colossus’s side kick as well, a montage of his fighting skills is shown where he is basically doing what he does the best, slicing-dicing and some more flipping. Other scenes show him fighting Ajax, talking to his friend Weasel about his appearance and ultimately sharing with everyone something that no one would want to listen.

All in all, “Deadpool” was received amongst humongous applause because this is one of those movies which fans have been waiting to see for a long time. The movie will hit the screens next year on February 12th.

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