‘Deadpool’ or ‘Deathstroke:’ Who’s a Better Mercenary/Assassin?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’ or ‘Deathstroke:’ Who’s a Better Mercenary/Assassin?

This has been discussed for a while now but it never gets old. They are their respective comic world’s best assassins and mercenaries who get the job done no matter what. Lets take a look at the basic characteristics of both of them and see who’s the better one.

Firstly, Deathstroke aka Slade Joseph Wilson is DC Universe’s best-known mercenary so far. He enlisted as a soldier when he was 16, took part in an experiment thinking that it would give him better abilities as a soldier but instead it made him a living weapon. After having been injected a serum that made him into a superhuman, Slade started to lend his services as a mercenary earning the reputation of “The Terminator.” He has many qualities that make stand out from others. From a semi-healing factor, high quality metallic armor and weapons unparalleled to none, Slade is the most feared DC villain.

Movie Pilot in one their reports about both the characters once mentioned that Deathstroke remains prepared for any enemy, which includes Superman for whom he keeps a Kryptonite laced grenade if in any case he has to face him. Despite all of this, there are chances that Deathstroke could die if he loses a lot of blood.

Coming over to Deadpool, he was created by Marvel as someone who is more of a parody version of Deathstroke. His original name Wade Wilson rhymes with Deathstroke’s name but there are one or two areas where Deadpool might seem as a better candidate. Firstly, Deadpool has Wolverine’s healing factor that was basically given to him when he volunteered for the Weapon X program. This healing factor makes him invincible in a way because he can regenerate if the enemy blows him into pieces. Secondly, he is seen as someone who is on the lighter side because of the whacky punch lines he throws. Besides this, he is a skilled fighter and once managed to kill every single Marvel hero, including Wolverine, which makes him as dangerous as his competition.

Clevver Movies too in their comparison video put forward pretty great points about both the characters but it becomes a bit hard to determine who’s the better one as they both serve the purpose in their respective fields. As loyal Marvel and DC fans let us know who do you think is better?

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