‘Deadpool’: Our Expectations from the Insanely Incredible Ryan Reynolds starrer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’: Our Expectations from the Insanely Incredible Ryan Reynolds starrer

“Deadpool” is going to undoubtedly revolutionize the superhero genre and take it to another level. The second red band trailer of “Deadpool” too has made it very clear that it’s not that type of superhero movie and looking at that, here is what we expect from it.


1. “Deadpool” is going to finally bring the origin story of the mercenary with a mouth on the silver screen. However, there’s so much more that fans will expect to see and one of the most important things in that would be the non-stop blabbering jokes and comments exclusively from Deadpool.

We got a demo of the same in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” when Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson refused to shut up. So imagine after the transformation what kind of dialogues will Deadpool throw at us?

Since he is the kind of a superhero who doesn’t really watch his mouth, screenwriters too must have had a relief writing the screenplay and saw the opportunity to go completely crazy otherwise it wouldn’t really be a “Deadpool” movie.

2. In the second red band trailer, we saw Deadpool in some way teaming up with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead when pitted against Angel Dust and her men. Keeping in mind the same, we would love the idea if Deadpool would choose to collaborate with other heroes in near future such as “X-Men.”

There’s only one possibility of getting to see that and that would be in the form of a sequel or a possible crossover or spin-off movie. If asked fans would surely love to see a sequel to the movie and given that back in the comics Deadpool has been a part of a few teams, he could do the same on silver screen.

3. From the trailer, we already have an idea that no effort has been spared in bringing forward the most authentic version of Deadpool.

From the Green Lantern reference to many others, we would love it if we see the same all throughout the movie too. Imagine how amazing it would be if Deadpool were to make a Wolverine reference or even refer to the previous portrayal of his character and call it names.

4. Finally, if the speculated Wolverine cameo is really true, “Deadpool” will officially become the coolest superhero movie ever. After Hugh Jackman shared an image of Deadpool leaning against his claw, there are chances that maybe in a post-credits scene Wolverine and Deadpool would cross paths.


Comicbook reported that there is a scene in which Wade is submerged face-down in a liquid, that liquid looks familiar because it has been used in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and it is the same substance that was used in the Weapon X lab. CNET added that on Christmas day, we got both safe and not-so-safe “Deadpool” movie trailers, which will release next year on Feb. 12.

Photo source: Facebook/Deadpool Movie

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