‘Deadpool’ Movie 2016 News: Ryan Reynolds Helps Young Cancer Patient Meets The Cast On Set

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Deadpool’ Movie 2016 News: Ryan Reynolds Helps Young Cancer Patient Meets The Cast On Set

Ryan Reynolds who is currently shooting for his superhero action film “Deadpool” may be a shady guy on screen but he recently proved that he is a true gentleman in real life. The actor has now joined the likes of Chris Evans and Chris Pratt who are involved with children’s hospitals in Boston and Seattle with Robert Downey Jr. raising over $2 Million for Julia’s house children’s hospices.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Ryan Reynolds recently met and entertained Tony Acevedo, a child who is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma on the sets of his upcoming movie “Deadpool” in Vancouver. The meet and greet was a part of make-a-wish foundation. About the meet and greet, Reynolds wrote on Instagram that he wasn’t expecting the child to put on the mask and show off his swift moves while smiling and beating Deadpool.

The actor also made a point that Tony’s next fight is against Hodgkin’s disease and in his signature “Deadpool” humor mentioned that the disease better bring its brown pants making an obvious reference that the disease will soil its pants while fighting the brave kid. Recently the actor also gave away one of his signature swords that his character “Deadpool” uses to one of the greatest fans he has met. After all the cuss words 15-year-old Calista King had to hear, it was the perfect give away gift for her.

The movie has indeed garnered so much attention that people can’t help but notice how amazing and de-briefed the character’s costume looks in the movie. According to Forbes, not only the costume is visually cool, practical, simple and aesthetically pleasing it is also so much in sync with what the character wears in the comic books. It’s the same characteristics that make the costume one of the best this year when we officially have superhero movies like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Wolverine 3”, “Captain America: Civil War” in the making that do feature heavy-duty costumes for audiences to witness.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Ryan Reynolds


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