‘Deadpool’ Movie Not To Have Avengers’ Plot; Movie Will Have Original Comic Book Story

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’ Movie Not To Have Avengers’ Plot; Movie Will Have Original Comic Book Story

The movie “Deadpool” will follow the original story from the comic books and not take cinematic liberty with the story. The director Tim Miller clarified recently that the story which will tell the story of Wade Wilson and his transformation into the anti-superhero Deadpool is an origin story, and will therefore follow the plot outlined in the comic book. Read on for more details.

Comic book fans were expecting that the new Deadpool movie will be linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the Avengers initiative, but it is not to be so. The new movie will not link the story with any of the existing movies from the Marvel Universe and will instead focus on retelling the story that was worked on in the comic book.

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It is not known if the story will link to the X Men franchise directly; the character, Deadpool, did make an appearance in the 2009 hit “X Men Origins: Wolverine.”

Recent developments in the comic book world had made the fans believe that Deadpool will be seen as part of the Avengers team. The idea went viral when Marvel launched the “Avengers #0” comic book.

The comic book story arc depicts Deadpool as part of the Uncanny Avengers team. The group is made up of a team that includes both Avengers and X-men.

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Deadpool, who is known as the mercenary with a mouth will also wear a mask all through the movie. The director Tim Miller says that this won’t take away the character’s ability to emote, as Deadpool is always running his mouth and telling the readers what is going on in his mind. Thus the viewers need not worry about not getting to see Deadpools’s face; they will know what is going on in his head anyway.

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