‘Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds is a Huge Jennifer Lawrence Fan and Patient as a Father

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds is a Huge Jennifer Lawrence Fan and Patient as a Father

Jennifer Lawrence is the current favorite amongst moviegoers. After giving a variety of spectacular roles, she has amassed quite a following both in the masses as well as in the business. Recently when Ryan Reynolds sat down for an interview with GQ he revealed just how much of a Jennifer Lawrence fan he is. Read on.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Reynolds during his interview with the magazine revealed how big a fan he is of the “Hunger Games” star and how much he loves watching her movies.

The “Deadpool” star spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of up and coming actors joining film franchises and mentioned that they need to have a franchise in order to pursue other passions and interests that they might have.

When being presented with a counterpoint that these huge franchises might just require actors to not pursue the kind of movies they would want to, Reynolds mentioned Lawrence’s name and spoke about her work. According to him, Lawrence is a real movie star and with the kind of work she has been doing, he would personally go see a movie solely based on the fact that she is in it. He also addressed the issue of the pay gap that currently exists in Hollywood and hoped that slowly and steadily this issue will no longer remain an issue in the business.

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In other news, GQ Magazine turned everyone’s attention towards probably the most important role the “Deadpool” star is playing, a role of being a father to daughter James. He stated how he remains patient with the new duty of being a father. He does not mind getting up five times in the middle of the night to change his baby’s diapers and how much he loves doing that. He in a way thanked his older brothers for putting good examples in front of him and how happy he is after having a daughter.

Ryan Reynolds stars in “Mississippi Grind” with Ben Mendelsohn and will be seen in “Deadpool” in February next year.

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