‘Deadpool’ Trailer to Premiere with ‘Fantastic Four’ ?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’ Trailer to Premiere with ‘Fantastic Four’ ?

“Deadpool” trailer was perhaps or rather definitely the most talked about trailer at the Comic Con. The mercenary with a mouth’s trailer made his point very well that it will be one hell of a ride when he will “unalive” (he prefers using it instead of kill) all those who almost destroyed his life. More importantly it does not matter even if the trailer was leaked in low quality or for those who saw it at the event, everyone has the same thing to say about it and it’s all good. After a similar incident that caused the makers of “Suicide Squad” to officially release the trailer just recently, it gets us thinking when will the official “Deadpool” trailer release?

According to Fansided, lead of the movie Ryan Reynolds had an answer for that. He addressed the question by saying that the final trailer will be ready in about 3 weeks when all the special effects are incorporated in it. The news outlet also reported that there’s another project that is expected to release in slightly more than 3 weeks and that happens to be “Fantastic Four” reboot. Speculations have been going on that there are chances of fans getting to see “Deadpool” trailer attached with the movie. Going by the time Ryan has given, it could very well happen. There were also reports about a minor disagreement between 20th Century Fox and Marvel over “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” that has resulted in the former being responsible for promoting the movie on its own. So if that is the case then, promoting “Deadpool” by attaching the official trailer with “Fantastic Four” would be a good idea and if not then it would be a loss of a good opportunity.

Whatever the case be, confirmations will hopefully come in pretty soon and for all those fans who didn’t get a chance of watching the trailer will be able to see the official version with the movie.

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Photo source: Facebook/Deadpool Movie

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