‘Deadpool’s’ Christmas Gift: 12 Days of Deadpool [WATCH VIDEO]

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Deadpool’s’ Christmas Gift: 12 Days of Deadpool [WATCH VIDEO]

Fans will be treated to a new trailer of “Deadpool” this Christmas,  but not before getting to witness twelve days full of exclusive revelations about the upcoming film.  The event, which started recently with a video, saw Ryan Reynolds dressed up as the Merc with a Mouth, giving details about the event.


According to Entertainment Weekly, last Monday, a new  “Deadpool”  poster was released, with a punch line that promised that fans will  get “a load” of Deadpool soon. It also featured the character holding a gun in between his legs. This, according to the video that was just released, is the start of him bringing joy to this world by giving fans something called “The 12 days of Deadpool”.

In this event, Deadpool will release twelve exclusive revelations about the movie, which will be released on twelve different media outlets. This will go on until the new trailer is released on Christmas day.

With the first trailer of the film  garnering so much appreciation from fans worldwide, it is safe to say that Christmas will never be the same for Deadpool fans.

Reynolds, in the minute long video can be seen holding a glass of eggnog, while talking.

Surprisingly he kept things quite “clean” this time, as he didn’t really use any of the colorful words from Deadpool’s usual vocabulary. This, though, makes fans believe that the second trailer will contain more colorful words than the first one did.


People Magazine also recently revealed what Ryan considers his favorite thing about celebrating Christmas is.

According to the “Deadpool” actor, he is just like everyone else during Christmas. He goes out, and and “whenever he sees a man screaming in a red costume, he goes up to him and asks for free stuff.”

Over the last few months, based on what fans and viewers have seen, one wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Reynolds has given more than a hundred percent of himself for this role, which has slowly brought out the Deadpool in him.

“Deadpool” has a lot riding on it, and fans cannot wait for  the highly anticipated movie’s release on February 12, 2016.

Surely, this new campaign of “Deadpool” will really help them bide their time as they wait.

Watch the promotional video here below!

Photo source: Facebook/Deadpool

Video Source: Youtube/20th Century Fox


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