Deal Met By Modern Family Cast

By admin | 6 years ago

The staff of Modern Family consisting of its six adult actors will receive major raises from 20th Century Fox Television studio in exchange for dropping their suits. The agreement ends one of the most contentious TV contract negotiations every held.

Following a summer of difficult negotiations that involved a lawsuit, the cancellation and subsequent rescheduling of table read and a week of negotiations full of tension, the adult actors on the show, telecast on ABC, agreed to a new contract with the studio.

Sources said the deals for Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara would provide substantial increases to their current pay of approximately $65,000 per episode. Ed O’Neill the biggest star prior to the show received $105,000 for the third season and will receive $150,000 for the fourth season, which is upcoming.

With base pay and bonuses, the actors will get close to $175,000 per episode for the 22-episode season soon to start. It amounts to a big raise, but less than what they had originally requested which was $200,000.

What is significant though, is each actor will receive a small amount of the profits of the show. In exchange for increases in salaries, insiders said the cast agreed to add another year to their seven season original contracts. The studio had originally asked for two additional seasons. The actors also had to drop their lawsuits against the studio.

The new agreement will now bring the salary of O’Neill more in line with everyone else on the cast. Before, he was earning much more.

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