Death Cab for Cutie Releases New Album ‘Kintsugi’ Without Chris Walla

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Death Cab for Cutie Releases New Album ‘Kintsugi’ Without Chris Walla
Death Cab for Cutie performing “Transatlanticism” at Manchester Academy

Life goes on for Death Cab for Cutie. The band just announced the release of its new album even without founding member, Chris Walla. Read on for further details.

Death Cab for Cutie’s eight studio album, “Kintsugi,” is expected to hit stores on March 31, 2015 under Atlantic records.

According to Noise Porn, this will be the band’s first album since Walla’s departure. “Kintsugi” was said to be about “embracing damage” as part of history.

Frontman Ben Gibbard believes Walla’s departure as an opportunity for Death Cab for Cutie to experiment in an entirely different sound. He also hopes that they would make an album that is a cut above all the rest they’ve done before.

“I would hope that as we move forward, people listen with as little prejudice as they can and try to hear the music for what it is and not what they want it to be,” he says on Consequence of Sound.

Last August, Walla left Death Cab for Cutie, a band he’s been with for 17 years, to move on to new projects. In a statement, the band’s lead guitarist and producer explains he wanted to expand his horizons, adding that he was “longing for the unknown.”

Walla’s announcement came at an awkward time as they were just wrapping up “Kintsugi” at that point. But hey, the band powered through, and now we can all look forward to a great album.

Check out the 11 tracks under “Kintsugi” below:

  1. No Room in Frame
  2. Black Sun
  3. The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
  4. Little Wanderer
  5. You’ve Haunted Me All My Life
  6. Hold No Guns
  7. Everything’s a Ceiling
  8. Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)
  9. El Dorado
  10. Ingénue
  11. Binary Sea

We cannot wait for the Death Cab for Cutie’s “Kintsugi” album. Do you think the music would drastically change given Chris Walla is no longer with the band? Sound off in the comments below.

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