Deathstroke: Reasons Why Joe Manganiello’s Character Should Get A Solo Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Deathstroke: Reasons Why Joe Manganiello’s Character Should Get A Solo Movie
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Joe Manganiello is playing Deathstroke in The Batman. He will be introduced for the first time and will clash with Ben’s Batman. A character with as deep history as this one, appearance in just one movie will not be sufficient.

Keeping in mind his story from the comics, there are so many movies that the character can appear in. One of them can be a solo movie too. With villains like Deadshot and Harley Quinn getting their own movie, here is why Slade Wilson too should get his own movie.

Origin story

When Deathstroke shows up in The Batman, there are chances the movie will not explore his origin story. Considering that his origin story too goes deep, it will need a separate movie to explore that.

This is when a Deathstroke solo movie can come in handy. It can introduce a young Slade Wilson enlisting in the army and can show how he turned into a deadly weapon capable of taking down the entire Justice League by himself.

Proper R-Rated movie

With Deadpool opening a wormhole to the R-rated world, many other movies now strive to be an R-rated one. Recently DC stated that they are open to making an R-rated movie and Deathstroke could be the perfect opportunity for them to make one.

There would be no restraint on violence and gruesome scenes as fans too will get the most loyal version of the character.

Character with multiple layers

Slade Wilson is not just a typical supervillain in the DC universe. He has acted as an anti-hero too in some instance. When it comes to saving his son or a loved one, Slade will do anything to keep them safe and secure.

He has also been a part of Suicide Squad, which is a black ops team of bad guys that are made to undertake impossible missions for the government.

Defeated the entire Justice League

As the guy who singlehandedly defeated the entire Justice League, this reason alone makes the character credible enough to get a solo movie. Joe has been dedicatedly working toward getting the character right and if he is given a solo movie, he will have an opportunity to bring the character’s story on screen.

Cinema Blend reported that Deathstroke is one of the DC characters that should get a solo movie. Also included in the list are characters like Deadman, Lobo and Batwoman.

It remains to be seen if Deathstroke is given his own solo movie or not. He is all set to appear in The Batman. 

The Batman does not have a release date yet.


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