Debate Two: Obama Attempting to Stave off Momentum of Romney

By admin | 6 years ago

After the first debate, many said that President Barack Obama was too cool. Then many said Vice President Joe Biden might have been too hot. In the next debate, the question remains to be seen if Obama will be able to get it right or not.

The pressure is on Obama at this second debate against his Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney to recapture his lost momentum. The debate takes place in Hempstead, New York on the campus of Hofstra University.

New polls have shown that Romney has closed the gap between him and Obama in a number of the battleground states following his strong showing in the first debate.   The president’s campaign is making sure people know that Obama will come out more aggressive and have a much more prepared approach. An Obama spokesperson said that the President was both calm and energized.

The Romney campaign said very little about whether the former governor of Massachusetts would change his style on Tuesday night. A clear-cut win in this second debate for Romney could change the entire outlook for the election that is just three weeks away.   Romney campaign staffers have said they expect Obama to make a number of attacks in an attempt to distract the viewer from his presidential record and make up for the first performance that was weak in Denver.

Romney’s campaign announced on Tuesday that it had received the endorsement of Ross Perot, though he is not listed as a surrogate for the debate.

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