Decoding Deepak Movie Review

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Decoding Deepak Movie Review
Gotham Chopra made an elaborate home movie in order to fully understand his father Deepak. It was set in dreamy locals and tried to reveal things about the famous guru who has authored more than 50 books and spiritual healer to millions.
Gotham follows his father from Manhattan in time for a media event for his latest book about Mohammad. Then they go to Thailand for Deepak’s ordination as an honorary Buddhist monk. They venture to Tokyo where the elder Chopra is greeted with adulation.

Devotees would probably enjoy watching Decoding Chopra as it shows the things that make the guru tic. Skeptics who question the man’s success will not be about to finds the answers they’re looking for in this documentary.

The problem with Decoding Deepak is that Gotham Chopra fails to ask the important questions. In Thailand, he didn’t ask any of the monks involved in the ceremony about what they think of his father. Deepak is still wearing his trademark rhinestone glasses and red sneakers when the monks shave his head.

Decoding Deepak features Chopra’s famous fans, including Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons, and the late Michael Jackson, who is a friend of Gotham. The filmmaker says that the superstar’s spiritual evolution was not enough to save him from himself.

Gotham includes some skeptical dissenters in Decoding Deepak but there’s no real debate in the documentary. Majority of Decoding Deepak is in favor of the filmmaker’s father. It shows mass yoga sessions in Sedona, New Mexico. It also features the various paraphernalia needed in this world according to Chopra, which are chakra devices, books, and healing oils.

Decoding Deepak also shows some family footage that emphasizes on Gotham’s son Krishna. Deepak’s wife and daughter also appear in the documentary but only for a brief moment. One of the strongest parts in the documentary is when the elder Chopra and his son enjoys a quiet moment together.

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