Defiance Season 2 Finale Recap: All Things Must Pass and I Almost Prayed [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Defiance Season 2 Finale Recap: All Things Must Pass and I Almost Prayed [WATCH VIDEOS]
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Defiance” Season 2 Finale Episode 12 “All Things Must Pass” and Episode 13 “I Almost Prayed” aired on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, on TNT. “Defiance” ended its second season with two suspense-filled back-to-back finale episodes. back. Read on to learn more about Episode 12 “All Things Must Pass” and Episode 13 “I Almost Prayed.”

“Defiance” Season 2 Episode 12 “All Things Must Pass” Recap:

The episode started off with Stahma and Datak finally reuniting as business partners, but this time, they will both compromise for the other. Stahma will oversee the operations, while Datak will lead the dirty deeds. When they went outside, they were captured by Pottinger’s men.

The E-Rep mayor used his connections in order to woo Amanda, his Chief of Staff and former Mayor. He told them that Datak and Stahma killed Kenya. Datak confessed that Stahma killed Kenya from his orders, so he was the one who should die. Fortunately, Amanda refused to do so and told Pottinger to free them.

Elsewhere, Nolan drags an injured Tommy, who later revealed Irisa’s diary. They found out that the humanity was now in the brink of extinction because of Irisa and the Terraformers. Nolan decided to look for Mordecai, the man from one of the drawings. Irisa and Mordecai were inside a ship that they were trying to take hostage of. They kissed, and they were separated again from each other.

Rafe, on the other hand, met his former wife, Pilar. Pilar went to meet her kids because Quentin freed her. Christine was so shocked to see the mother she thought was already dead. They met up with her and Alak, with Datak and Stahma.

Yewll and Lev were together when Irisa activated the Kazirii. Yewll tried to argue with Lev because Irisa must have gotten both keys. It was revealed that Yewll was actually talking to her “imaginary wife” made by the Kaziri. She then took out the chip inside her neck.

Nolan told Tommy that they were aleady near the net. Unfortunately, it seems that Tommy was too weak to continue. Tommy died in his arms while dreaming of proposing to Irisa. Nolan tried to administer CPR on Tommy when Berlin arrived. It was hard for Nolan to admit that it was Irisa who killed Tommy.

Irisa continued to be controlled by the Kaziri She made some stones float in the air, which represents the ships that will hit New York. Little by little, some of the capsules went down towards Earth.

“Defiance” Season 2 Episode 13 “I Almost Prayed” Recap:

Episode 13 “I Almost Prayed” was directed by Michael Nankin and written by Kevin Murphy. It picked off with Nolan’s meeting with Mordecai who told him about his life with Irisa. They swallowed the gold and silver keys in order to deactivate the Kaziri. Mordecai said that they need to get a key out of Irisa to save humanity.

Pilar went to eat with Christine and her new family. Pilar and Stahma had a stand-off about Stahma’s former position in the society. She even tried to convince Christine and Alak to go on a road trip, which Quentin knew she made up. Pilar pointed a gun on her, and Quentin knocked out Alak. They didn’t know that a maid saw the abduction and told Stahma about it. They immediately went to fetch Rafe to join them.

Amanda was accompanied by Berlin to see Pottinger and Viceroy Mercado. It was after they found out that New York was now a goner. Yewll also showed up and told Nolan and Mordecai about the solution — to kill Irisa. Nolan was not happy about this, and he was put inside a cell with Mordecai.

Later, Amanda found out Irisa’s location, but Nolan was already there. He successfully knocked out Pottinger and Yewll. Mordecai tried talking to Irisa, and the golden key went to his mouth. Irisa became normal again. She asked about Tommy and the other people she killed. They eventually went to the old St. Louis and disabled all the death spheres currently creating havoc on Earth.

In the end, the caverns and the Kaziri collapsed with Nolan and Irisa inside. Amanda and the others celebrated their victory. She and Pottinger united again, while Berlin tried to keep Tommy’s memory alive. The episode ended with a view featuring the weird eggs trapped below Earth’s surface, including Nolan and his adopted daughter, Irisa.

And that’s it for the “Defiance” Episode 12 “All Things Must Past” and Episode 13 “I Almost Prayed” recaps. It aired on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, on TNT. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we keep you posted on updates about “Defiance.”

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