DeGeneres to Host Oscars in 2014

By admin | 4 years ago

Ellen DeGeneres the talk show host and comedian has agreed to be the host of the Academy Awards for the second time in 2014.

On Friday, organizers announced the selection of DeGeneres in what is seen by many as their way of making a less controversial selection for the highest honors show in Hollywood, following this past year’s Seth MacFarlane performance.

DeGeneres, who is host of her own talk show on daytime called Ellen, was the host for the first time at the 2007 Oscars. She was just the second female to be chosen host alone, following the popular Whoopi Goldberg.

In a prepared statement, DeGeneres said she was very excited to be the host of the next Oscars. She sent along thanks on Twitter to the Academy and Portia her wife.

The Oscars are broadcast across the globe and often look for a host’s star power in order to attract a bigger television audience. Domestically recent shows averaged between 37 million and 40 million viewers.

DeGeneres, who is 55, was nominated for an Emmy for her 2007 Oscar’s performance. In that show, she did not follow traditional hosting decorum at the Oscars, as she ventured from the stage to visit the audience.

The producers of last year’s Academy Awards Neil Meron and Craig Zadan said few stars of today have the gift for comedy Ellen has, with her humanity and great warmth.

The decision to go with DeGeneres suggest that the Academy has turned to a host that is more amenable and has shown to be skilled at poking fun at the stars of Hollywood and not offending their big egos.

Last year MacFarlane was given mixed reviews for his routines, which included jokes directed at the biggest stars in the audience.

DeGeneres is known to have gentler humor which signals the next show for the Oscars will have a much different tone that that previous one.

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