Delta Goodrem Leaves Haters Behind

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago

For Australian pop star Delta Goodrem, fun begins at 30. The stunning “The Voice Australia” coach is letting it all go for the very first time in her life. Read on for more details.

In some of her latest photos, Australia’s golden girl showed off her amazing legs! According to, Goodrem has been rehearsing nine hours per day for two weeks for her role in the upcoming theatrical production of “CATS”. On July 8th, Goodrem announced that she will play the role of Grizabella, the main character who sings the iconic song “Memory.” She said that she was very excited to make her musical theater debut as Grizabella, which is probably one of the most iconic roles.

Aside from her long legs, there is another thing that people noticed on her – her new-found confidence. Goodrem said that she wouldn’t rock knickers or tiny shorts down the street, but she can do it at the moment. She said that this time, it’s about the freedom she worked hard for – to embrace and know herself.

It seemed that 2015 is the year of self-reflection and soul-searching for the singer. For those who don’t know, Goodrem already left her “cocoon” in Los Angeles, California. She re-based herself in Australia to become a coach on the fourth season of “The Voice Australia”. In addition to that, she released a new single and joined Ricky Martin in a national tour. She even repeated her role as Nina Tucker on “Neighbours” as part of its 30th anniversary.

Goodrem has a gazillion of fans but hate messages from some people made a huge impact on her. She has been backlashed by some people on Twitter during her appearances on “The Voice Australia”. It will also be recalled that last year, Mail Online reported about Marlon Wayans’ dig about Goodrem’s dance moves at Beyonce and Jay Z’s concert in Pasadena, California. Other than that, the relentless issues about her love life and cancer battle has still been circulating the media. Because of these, Goodrem has decided to move to her LA home and only seen a few friends.

During her self-reflection in LA, Goodrem realised that it giving attention to her haters wasn’t worth it. She has decided to remain true to herself and do things that she wants and loves to do. She went back to Australia at the perfect time. She was offered a role in “CATS” and got a new single. “Wings” is her first ever No. 1 single in eight years.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Delta Goodrem

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