Demi Lovato, Pete Wentz, Chris Brown And Other Stars Who Battled Mental Health Issues

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Demi Lovato, Pete Wentz, Chris Brown And Other Stars Who Battled Mental Health Issues

Even famous celebrities have problems just like an average person. Most of them try to keep those problems out of the spotlight as they are in the eyes of the public, while others reveal about their past struggles. We have focused on few celebrities who have opted to speak about their mental health issues.

Demi Lovato

The American singer-songwriter & actress surprised everyone in 2011 by revealing that she had bulimia, cutting, and bipolar disorder. “The Disney” star found that she suffered the disorder when she went to rehab for emotional and physical issues in 2010.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Oscar winner Welsh actress is diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2011 while she went for treatment in a mental health care center.

Rene Russo

“The Outbreak” star has bipolar disorder. The American actress/ model revealed that she takes medications for the disorder during “The Queen Latifah” Show in October 2014.

Carrie Fisher

“The Star Wars” star has discussed and written about her struggle with bipolar disorder.

Emma Thompson

The Oscar-winning actress confessed that she is suffering from mild depression occasionally. In 2010, she even announced a break from starring in movies in order to focus on her health.

Mel Gibson

The veteran actor/director revealed about his struggle with mild depression after starring in the 2011 film “The Beaver.”

Paula Deen

The celebrity chef and cooking show television host is enduring with depression and agoraphobia that was the result of panic attacks & anxiety issues she suffered after her father’s death.

Few Other Celebrities

Few other celebrities – Pete Wentz, Sheryl Crow, Zach Braff, the action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jon Hamm, Ashley Judd, Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, and Jim Carrey also revealed about their battle with mental health issues such as depression and bipolar disorder.

E! Online reported in 2014 that “singer Chris Brown suffers from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder,” based on the statement in Legal documents from a rehab facility.

Even though celebrities may also have the mental problems like an average person, they had to learn how to control them in order to shine in their career.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Demi Lovato

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