Demi Lovato’s Bizzare Stage Act! How Did She Manage The Fall?

By Irawati Awate | 2 years ago
Demi Lovato’s Bizzare Stage Act! How Did She Manage The Fall?
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Demi Lovato, the American singer and actress, had recently featured in Z100 Jingle Ball in Madison Square Garden in New York on Friday. There were thousands of excited and screaming fans around her who were waiting for her performance. Demi Lovato’s performance was going on really well until she fell on the stage.


The maker of the “Skyscraper” had just closed her set with her song “Cool for the summer” when she tripped over her mic stand. Recently, a video has been leaked which shows the clips of the singer after she fell on the stage while singing.

The video has been posted by i Heart Radio’s website. The video shows the 23-year-old singer on the floor with her back and her arms and legs were seen swinging in the air. Meanwhile, a crew member ran on stage to pick up the mic stand. Everything was going well until she fell on the stage which was quite visible. According to, she was thanking her audience while she was wrapping up and was leaving the stage when she was spotted tripping over the stage.


When she fell on the stage, she could be seen laughing her heads off. She could somehow manage to get up from the stage on her legs and waved to the audience while fist-pumping into the air. She managed the situation quite smartly. She posted on Twitter remarking that only cool kids fall on the stage. This is not the first time that she tripped over the stage. She has tripped over the stage while promoting “Cool for Summer” in July.

Demi Lovato was joined by Selena Gomez, DJ Zedd, Fetty Wap and Fifth Harmony on Friday in the Jingle Balls who had rocked the floor with their songs.

Photo Source: Facebook/OfficialDemiLovato

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