Democrats and Republicans already thinking of 2016 Election

By admin | 6 years ago

Now that the 2012 election is finally in the books, with President Obama winning a second term, all eyes are turning to 2016. It might seem like a long way away, but for some the road to the White House in 2016 starts now.

For both the Democrats and Republicans the field is wide open and full of possibilities. The Democrats are not short for candidates with current Vice President Joseph Biden, Hillary Clinton the current Secretary of State and Andrew Cuomo the current Governor of New York at the top of a long list.

For the Republicans a number of possible candidates are ready and willing to launch a bid for the White House following Mitt Romney’s Tuesday defeat. Topping the list is Paul Ryan Romney’s running mate, Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey, Jeb Bush the former Governor of Florida and Marco Rubio a Senator from Florida.

Early in the primary season, Christie’s name was mentioned many times as a possible candidate, but he never stepped forward to run, as he said he was more focused on serving the state of New Jersey. He, like Romney, is a Republican from the Northeast in a Democratic state. However, his feisty temperament is the complete opposite of the mild mannered Romney.

However, Christies has rubbed a few Republicans the wrong way. He was criticized for his keynote address at the national convention, as many said it touted him and not Romney. He also faced an awkward situation during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when he praised President Obama’s response following the storm.

The Republican National Committee is already checking into why they were not successful in Tuesday presidential election. The outcome of a power struggle between the establishment and the party’s Tea Party more conservative wing will be crucial in deciding the kind of person who will become the Republican’s nominee in four years.

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