Democrats Chance of Remaining in Control of Senate Improves

By admin | 6 years ago

Currently, in the U.S. Senate the Democrats hold a voting advantage of 53-47 over their Republican counterparts. This fall there are 33 Senate seats that are being contested, but only a few races are up for grabs, as the majority of the incumbents are expected to win reelection.

Initially the Democrats faced a tough road in maintaining their voting advantage because they have to defend 23 of the 33 seats being contested in November. However, presidential politics, missteps by Republican candidates and competitive Democratic candidates are giving the Democrats an edge during the last few weeks of the campaign race heading towards November 6.

Democrats in Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Virginia are now starting to lengthen leads in polls and have been helped by the positive effect that President Obama has in all three states.

In Virginia, Tim Kaine the former governor has been in front of almost every poll since mid September against George Allen the former Republican senator. The state is a battleground state where Obama has been in front of his challenger Mitt Romney until the first debate two weeks ago. The race is now tighter in Virginia, but the Senate race is still controlled by Kaine.

Republicans thought that adding Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket would help the Senate race in his home state of Wisconsin be more competitive. Obama leads in the presidential race there and Tammy Baldwin the Democratic Representative is now in front of Tommy Thompson the former governor who was hurt by a difficult GOP primary.

If the Democrats can win those three seats, then a takeover by the Republicans will be almost impossible.

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