Dennis Graham Knows Nothing About Serena Williams and Drake; Serena’s Heart Belongs To Another?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Dennis Graham Knows Nothing About Serena Williams and Drake; Serena’s Heart Belongs To Another?

We had brought into your notice when the professional tennis player Serena Williams was dating her new rumored beau Drake at uber-fancy Sotto restaurant at the end of August. Serena and rapper Drake were spotted kissing, cuddling and loving each other while almost all the patrons were stunned at them. This is for the second time the sportswoman has given him a consideration. TMZ had a small conversation with Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, who was questioned if he knew any details about Drake’s relationship with Serena. Read below to discover his answer given by his confusing state of mind.

While Drake’s dad was asked about his son’s reported closeness with the tennis champion, he initially said, “I don’t know anything about Serena Williams.” Then he stopped for a while and again answered, I “I don’t know anything about that.” You can watch the video to see his father’s reply in

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The 33-year old sportswoman may have been romantically linked with Drake and having lot of controversies surrounding her relationship with 28-year old beau, but her heart has a special place for someone. Is that special person a competitor of Drake?

Williams on Sept. 9, 2015 posted a touchy tribute to her sister, Venus Williams. Her tweet shows her extreme love and care for her sister.

“She has my heart. ❤ Memories make my heart filled with more joy than I can express. A lifetime with @venuswilliams will not be enough.” she (@serenawilliams) tweeted

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She has also written the same in her Instagram profile and uploaded a few photographs with her sister and father. Her photographs shows that she may be living in love with someone, but she is as common as everyone in recalling the past days spent with the nearest ones.

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