Colorado DJ sues Taylor Swift over false accusations

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Colorado DJ sues Taylor Swift over false accusations
Taylor Swift

The “Blank space” singer has been accused for taking away the job of a radio personality in Denver and in return the furious man filed a lawsuit against the singer. Read on for more details.

The whole case revolves around the misbehaviour of the radio personality, David Muller, with the pop singer, Taylor Swift.

According to the reports of USA today the security team of Swift held the man for grabbing the singer’s buttocks backstage at the Pepsi Center in.

After which he was kicked out of his office, KYGO radio.

Now, Muller has filed the lawsuit against Swift in the U.S. District court in Denver. The suit was filed on Thursday.

The lawsuit says that David was wrongly accused by the singer’s camp, which led him to lose his job. David also says that he has met many celebrities but none of them had any such complaints with him as Taylor.

Although a statement given by Swift’s publicist shows that all the radio person seek is attention. The statement which was given on Saturday says that Muller was not thrown out but it was solely his decision to quit from the job. Evidence was provided to him, after which he left his job.

If David is seriously innocent then why he is coming up with such complaints now? There might be several questions popping up in your minds too but let the court proceeding follow and we will see who is really innocent and who is not.

For the meantime David just listen to the super music of Swift and ponder was there any better way to get the fame?

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