Denzel Washington thrills the viewers once again in “Safe House”

By admin | 7 years ago

Denzel Washington in "safe house"

The film is marked by excellent action scenes and Washington does it with élan. Ryan Reynolds plays the CIA agent who grills Washington in the safe house. One scene sees Washington wearing a sexy scarf, top coat and fedora. The movie grips you with Washington and Reynolds’s chemistry when the two flee the place together.

In a fight scene during the making of ‘Safe House’, Denzel Washington suffered his first black eye. Reynolds and Denzel had a hearty laugh over it. Washington remarked that the scene required him to choke Reynolds with handcuffs. But since the car was being controlled by someone else, Reynolds was sifting through the air. And voila! It hit Washington right near the eye. Reynolds joked that he was happy at being the first one to do something of this sort to Washington, a double Oscar winner. Washington has starred in biggies like ‘Glory’, The Hurricane, Malcolm X, training Day, American gangster and the Inside Man. Not only this, Washington has even won a tony award for a play: Fences.

In “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, Washington fought it out with Cano, Yankees second baseman in a Yankee trivia contest. The game saw a 5-5 tie between the two but Washington won it by answering the 11th and final question correctly. Washington easily remembered that Lou Gehrig attended the college in Columbia. Cano gave a hearty congratulation to Washington upon winning. Washington showed his quick repertoire when Leno embarrassed him with “Have you ever been to a Yankee game before?’’ To which Washington wittily replied ‘Oh my goodness! He’s killing me!’

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