Deron Williams Is Not More With Brooklyn Nets

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Deron Williams Is Not More With Brooklyn Nets

The shocking news came that Deron Williams will not be seen at Nets Media Day for the first time ever since the past four years.

The absence of Deron Williams at Brooklyn Nets’ annual meeting smoked up manifold speculations. Joe Johnson, Williams’ former backcourt mate commented that things have undergone a significant change. Joe is about to start his fourth season with Nets. Apparently forward Joe Johnson will be seen to take the lead in this coming season. The meeting of surveillance was conducted at the training center of New Jersey.

Interestingly Williams was the face of Brooklyn Nets and now he is reportedly overthrown from the contract and he opted for another franchise in his hometown Dallas Mavericks. Another twist is yet to come as rumour is Jarrett Jack is all set to replace Williams. He is expected to start at point guard. Jack asserted that he did not have any intension to replace Williams. He seemed to be only 27 games experienced where Williams is 55 games old.

Jarrett Jack possesses hope for his friend William’s upcoming sports future. Though he did not unseal everything in details but confirmed that he had spoken to Deron, his former team mate. Last Tuesday when the reporter from Associated Press placed a question regarding Williams Billy King, a representative from Nets avoided the question straight away and did not intend to comment anything on Williams’ departure.

On the other hand Deron Williams explained that his time in New Jersey and Brooklyn didn’t run very smooth and he let him another chance to refocus on his ability with this decision. He is received a huge support from the fans. The supporters are keen to see a fresh start from the all-point star as Williams is craving to show the same.

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Photo Source: Deron Williams/ Facebook


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