‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Reaches 33.9% Ratings; Song Hye-Kyo Denies Song Joong-Ki Dating Rumors

By Hannah Marfil | 2 years ago
‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Reaches 33.9% Ratings; Song Hye-Kyo Denies Song Joong-Ki Dating Rumors
Descendants of the Sun

The hit KBS Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” has been gaining popularity and stealing the hearts of many viewers, not only in Korea and Asia, but also in the U.S. and North America. Viewership ratings has even topped the 30 percent mark in Seoul. The amazing chemistry between the lead Korean stars have also resulted to dating rumors that were also dispelled soon after it became news.

With only less than ten episodes shown, “Descendants of the Sun” has already broken through the 30 percent rating mark in South Korea. The ninth episode of the said Korean drama reached a 33.9 percent viewership rating in Seoul, according to Nielsen Korea, KBS World reported. In Seoul’s greater metropolitan area, the episode garnered a rating of 31 percent, while nationwide levels was posted at 30.4 percent.

Episode 9 showed the aftermath of Song Hye-Kyo’s character Doctor Kang’s confession for Song Joong Ki’s character Captain Yoo that was accidentally broadcasted to the fictional Urk base through her recorded will. The said recorded will was made by Doctor Kang during a car accident that transpired in an earlier episode. In that episode, the vehicle that she was driving ended up perilously hanging on the side of a cliff.

The viewership ratings for the drama has been steadily climbing over the past weeks since its premiere episode. The show even debuted with double digit ratings and has become one of the popular Korean dramas in China and in other countries. It is now available in subtitled versions of around 33 different languages from English, Spanish, Thai to Chinese.

Meanwhile, given Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki’s amazing chemistry in the drama, dating speculations between the two became a hot online topic. However, the Korean actress, through her agency, denied the dating rumors on Monday, March 21, according to News Everyday. Song Hye-Kyo’s agency stated that the actress considered Song Joong-Ki as a “good colleague.”

“Descendants of the Sun” airs every Wednesday and Thursday in Korea on KBS.


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