Despicable Me 2 Movie Review

By admin | 4 years ago

Despicable Me 2 MovieDespicable Me has started a minion craze. Everybody wants to have them. It is good to see that they are back in the sequel. And just like in the first one, the minions are funny and steal the spotlight whenever they are part of the scene.

Gru (voice by Steve Carell) is back. In the end of the original movie, he left his evil ways when he adopted the three cute girls. In Despicable Me 2, he is needed by an international organization, headed by agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig), to work as a consultant who has to think like a villain in order to capture another villain.

This is not the only concern of Gru. His youngest daughter, Agnes (Elsie Fisher) and a nosy neighbor are trying to find him a girlfriend. Gru must also handle his oldest daughter Margo’s (Miranda Cosgrove) growing interest in boys.

Directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin improve their comedic timing in Despicable Me 2. There are several scenes where viewers are laughing out loud and these are not just the kids. There are some repetitive jokes but you’ll still find yourself laughing to it.

Plus, Despicable Me 2 has the minions. People never grow tire of their slapstick comedy. Their gibberish is silly but they have their own charms. You might even find yourself singing along to the song YMCA in minion language. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a spin-off minion movie is already in the works, judging from the amount of merchandise these tiny yellow capsules are selling.

And in the end, Despicable Me 2 leaves you happy and satisfied. It might not be as fresh as the original but it is still entertaining and gives you lots of laughs. If you liked the first one then you will definitely like this sequel.

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