Despicable Me 2 Takes First Place in Holiday Box Office

By admin | 4 years ago

The Despicable Me 2 minions ran away with the box office race for the July 4 holiday weekend. The rout by DM2 left The Lone Rangers starring Johnny Depp a distance, distance second.

Official figures will not be released until late Monday, but estimates say the animated Universal sequel earned $82.5 million during the weekend and more than $142 million during the five-day weekend that started on Wednesday.

The reimaging by Gore Verbinski of the lawman and his Native American friend opened with only $29.4 million on the weekend and $48.9 since last Wednesday.

The poor sales by the Disney movie were made more painful due to The Lone Ranger’s high cost that was reportedly over $225 million.

The movie was made by the same group that created Pirates of the Caribbean, one of Disney’s most successful franchises, which grossed over $3.7 billion between four films worldwide.

Bad reviews hurt the movie and younger moviegoers were not interested in the movie, as many had expected. The movie, based on the highly popular radio show and TV series was skewed toward older viewers, with more than 68% of the audience 25 years of age or older.

Depp’s popularity worldwide should help the movie attract a much greater audience worldwide and has $24.3 million in sales overseas with just 30% of the international market having the movie released.

Besides the take domestically for DM2 of $82.5 million, the animated movie earned $88.8 million overseas.

Coming in third place over the weekend was The Heat, which earned $25 million domestically and $4.7 million internationally. Fourth place went to Monsters University, which earned $19.6 million domestically and $29.5 million internationally.

Rounding out the top five of this July 4 holiday weekend was World War Z, which earned $18.2 million domestically and $45.1 million internationally.

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