Details Revealed On Lead Characters Of Titans and We’re Excited

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Details Revealed On Lead Characters Of Titans and We’re Excited
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Teen Titans are an important part of the DC universe. A live-action version of the superhero team was announced a while back but since then there had been no updates about the project.

However, just recently, some details about the live-action project have emerged. These details particularly highlight the lead characters of the show.

Details about Titans and characters

Screen Rant reported that Titans was announced back in 2014. It was meant to be in development then but it never took off. But following DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns’ statement about the project, there seems to be some clarity about it.

Revealing DC’s plan for the series, Johns in collaboration with Akiva Goldsman, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter will be developing it.

The project, which was previously being developed for TNT will reportedly explore a darker side of the superhero team. It will reportedly feature and focus on fan-favorite members like Nightwing, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy.

It has also been revealed that the show will now release on DC’s own digital service.

Casting breakdown for series lead

Described as a Caucasian male in late-20’s/early-30’s, the series’ lead is John Crossland. He has been described as a cop who fights as a vigilante in the night.

He is scarred by the murder of his family and has a lethal side to him. Going by the description of Crossland, it coincides with Nightwing’s story and past. Much like Crossland, Nightwing is a vigilante as well who is troubled by his family’s murder.

Having trained under Batman, he developed a lethal side, which makes him a real good fighter. However, it would be interesting to see as to why the name Crossland is being used for Nightwing instead of his real name Dick Grayson.

Casting breakdown for series regular #1

The first series regular is Sarah. She is described as a teenage girl who prefers to stay in her hoodie and avoid making friends. She has a dark force inside her, which is sometimes beyond her control.

Going by Sarah’s description, it seems she will be revealed as Raven on the show. Raven is a master of telekinesis, magic, and astral projection. Being a demon-human hybrid gives her these dark forces.

Casting breakdown for series regular #2

Casey is the second series regular. She is a tall, beautiful and elegant character. She is trying to discover the people who want her dead. The description also states that she is more deadly than anyone.

Casey’s description coincides with Starfire. She is an alien from a world called Tamaran. She has the ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it to pure energy.

This energy gifts her superhuman strength, speed, flight, and invulnerability. She has also been known as Nightwing’s primary love interest.

Casting breakdown for series regular #3

The final series regular is Jax. He is a funny and charming amateur thief who hides his pain. He also learned to survive in the world using his wit and quick thinking.

Jax’s description hints at him being Beast boy. The character is also known for his comic timing and shape shifting abilities.

Previous version of Teen Titans

A live-action version of the superhero team is being produced for the first time. But prior to this, there have been two different animated versions. Teen Titans was the first one.

It focused on the team led by Robin and their fight against major DC supervillains like Deathstroke. The second show titled Teen Titans GO! was a more humorous take on the team and featured the same team in a different animation style.

There also have been two animated movies on the team and a movie has been discussed in DCEU. No plot or premiere date for the live-action series is available yet.


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