Detroit Piston Rumors: Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith To Be Traded?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Detroit Piston Rumors: Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith To Be Traded?
Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons have had it rough since the time their last owner died and the family tried to sell the team. Their new coach, Stan Van Gundy, is trying to rebuild the team with young affordable players who are willing to work hard and place the team in the vicinity of the top in the Eastern Conference.

If the trade rumors are to be believed, the team is looking to trade even the guaranteed players to bring in fresh talent. Detroit Pistons is a heavily signed on team, with seventeen guaranteed players on the roster. But if the new sign on Adonis Thomas is to be believed, the team head honchos are looking to trade their more expensive assets to keep the team affordable.

Adonis Thomas told CBS Sports that the team coach will be willing to let go of a few players before the 2015 – 2016 season begins. “Anything can change,” Thomas reportedly told the press.

There are rumors doing rounds that the point guard of the team, Brandon Jennings, is probably going to get shopped. Jennings is already in the final season of his contract. He will make 8.3 million dollars next year and eventually go on to be a free agent. As it is evident that Reggie Jackson is a pretty good replacement, the team may look to ship Jennings out to another team for a younger, more affordable, option.

Josh Smith is another expensive player that the Detriot Pistons will be looking to trade. He is signed on to make fourteen million dollars off the team in the next season. With a strong core of Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond and Stanley Johnson, the team looks strong enough to afford to lose him.

Detroit Pistons is beginning to look better now and the fans are already feeling more confident about the team.

The details come via Inquisitr and Christian Post.

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