Devious Maids Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 Dangerous Liaisons [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
Devious Maids Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 Dangerous Liaisons [WATCH VIDEO]
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Here is what happened last Sunday, May 4, 2014 in “Devious Maids” Season 2 Episode 3 “Dangerous Liaisons.” We all witnessed Carmen kissing her contract goodbye when Alejandro was killed in a robbery shootout on her engagement party. This week’s episode Marisol finds out some shocking news about Nick and Opal and Rosie takes Kenneth to a specialist. In spite of what happened to Carmen, she prepares her performance debut in front of industry’s A-list and she struggles to perform. Read on for the “Devious Maids” recap of Season 2 Episode 3 “Dangerous Liaisons.”

“Devious Maids” Season 2 Episode 3 “Dangerous Liaisons” begins with a Beverly Hills neighborhood watch meeting and it was headed by Adrian.  Marisol shows the letter that she found to Zoila and Rosie.  The letter was from Nick’s dead mother, stating to let her daughter get Opal out of the house ASAP.

Meanwhile, Carmen and Odessa were astounded when Alejandro’s lawyer break the news that the two of them have four days left to move out of the house since Alejandro left all his money to charity and they already sold his house.

Rosie thinks Ken’s doctor is a fraud and she tells Ken’s girlfriend that they need a second opinion but Ken’s girlfriend ignores it and asked her to do her job instead and that is cleaning the house.

Marisol soon discovers that Dalia was friends with Evelyn after looking through an old photo album while she was sitting down with Opal’s son Ethan.

With regard to Valentina, he told Remi about her parents breaking up through video chat but he brush off the conversation telling her he can’t talk.  While Evelyn catches Adrian playing with his new gun, she went ballistic on Tony for buying Adrian a gun.

Carmen and Odessa were helping Alejandro’s aunt plan his funeral, most especially Carmen trying to scheme something by asking the aunt if she could sing at the funeral since she found out that Beyonce and Kanye are attending the service.  It can’t get any better than this!

Genevieve invited Zoila to her luncheon so she can take her mind off things but Zoila’s not having a good time at all. To top it all, Marisol came crashing and talks to Evelyn as she was stunned as well to learn that Marisol is no longer a maid is in a relationship with Nick.  Evelyn said that she heard gossips after Dalia’s death that Nick was having an affair with Opal.

One of the intriguing scene in this episode is when Rosie drive past Kenneth’s girlfriend Didi making out with Dr. Sanders.  Rosie, always looking after Ken’s well being tried to threaten Didi that if she doesn’t let Ken do therapy three times a week, she will tell Ken’s daughter Lucinda about Didi’s affair.

Finally Valentina asked Ethan to go out with her this weekend since she found out that Remi’s made a new friend and she think its time for her to make some new friends too.

Valentina not knowing Remi’s been sick with fever and unconscious.

There was a some sort of a misunderstanding between Genevieve and Zoila because she thought that Genevieve was telling her friends at the luncheon about Pablo dumping her.

Genevieve reassured Zoila that she will never leave her like Pablo and Valentina.

The last scene was quite hilarious when Evelyn walks on Tony, his bodyguard having sex with Tanya and as she ran back to the house Adrian mistook her for an intruder and shoots her, thank God it was just a superficial wound and while Adrian rushes to get a doctor, the scene just led us to Evelyn kissing Tony.  Captivating scene, isn’t it?

Even though Carmen was excited to sing at Alejandro’s funeral, she had a breakdown realizing for the first time that Alejandro is now gone. But the big question is who was this young man who left Alejandro flowers and why is he dead?Or why did he committed suicide?   With a note stuck to his chest saying he is “ sorry”…

And that’s the “Devious Maids” recap of Season 2 Episode 3 “Dangerous Liaisons.” For more updates about “Devious Maids” and other entertainment news, tune in regularly to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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