Devious Maids Season 3 Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Devious Maids” Season 3 has finally premiered and we finally got answers to our questions. The most important one was: who got shot? Read below for the full recap.

Carmen has spotted Ty driving with a gun and she asked everyone to get down, but it was too late. It was because Pablo got shot as well as the priest. Rosie was hit as well and, unfortunately, she also got her head hit when she fell to the ground.

Four months since the shooting incident, Rosie woke up from a coma and learned about everything that happened to Zoila, Marisol and Carmen. Pablo died and Marisol has found success in being a maid, but Carmen speculates her friendship with Evelyn Powell. Marisol revealed Carmen’s affair with a married man while Spence and Miguel came to visit Rosie.

At the Powells, Evelyn found a little girl named Katie cutting some roses from her garden. She confronted her and found out that her parents are Taylor and Michael Stappord. They explained to Evelyn that they adopted her during their trip to an Argentina orphanage and had an instant connection with her. Evelyn left and Taylor told her husband that no one should know about the truth about Katie and how she came to their family.

Valentina remains anxious and paranoid following Pablo’s shooting and Remy gave her a pepper spray as a gift.

Later that day, Marisol met up with Evelyn and Gail to rave about her appearance on NPR. Evelyn was so happy about Mrs. P’s character in Marisol’s back that was inspired by her. They went to Barney’s after that and Marisol confided to Evelyn about what Carmen told her about her life being empty and shallow instead of using her fame for a much greater purpose. Evelyn told her that Carmen’s just jealous. Marisol asked whether she should invite the girls to her book party.

Meanwhile, at Carmen’s Sebastien tried to get her in the mood but she was just so bothered about what Marisol told her. She’s actually worried that the man she’s been seeing only sees her as a sex object.

Genevieve now has Pablo’s kidney and was bonding over Zoila. Zoila confessed that she’s pregnant hence, the weight gain. She asked Genevieve not to tell anyone especially that she doesn’t know who the real father is.

There’s also a new maid in town named Blanca, whom Marisol will help out to get in with the Stappords. The Powells, on the other hand, are finally going to couples therapy to try to repair their relationship.

Javier came back to town and Zoila gave him a hug while sneakily yanking several hairs out of his head to use for the paternity test. Blanca was at the Stappords but she came in at such a very bad time. Katie just destroyed some of her father’s important papers that got him really mad. She took away Katie to the kitchen to have some talk and Katie told her that she doesn’t love her mother and father.

Zoila got the paternity test results and found out Pablo is the father of her child. Genevieve told her to tell Javier that he’s the father, but Zoila doesn’t know what to do.

At the party, there’s a new mysterious woman in town. Alexandra and Adrian were quite turned on by her that he and Evelyn had sex at the bathroom. Michael was also seen giving money to a mysterious man and Katie cuts her finger on a dagger at the party.

Since Carmen doesn’t have a place to live as of the moment, Marisol invited her to come stay at her place. Evelyn found out that the reason Adrian got really turned on at the party was because of another woman. Adrian told her that the key to their sexual problem is for her to become cruel to him, dominate him. However, Evelyn couldn’t process that as of the moment and let him sleep on the couch.

Zoila told Javier that she’s pregnant and Blanca arrived at the Stappords with her bags. However, she saw Taylor crying about to leave the house and when she got inside she found the living room covered in blood. Also, Evelyn found her dog around her roses and when she got near she found a human leg in her bed of roses.

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