Devious Maids Season 3 Recap: Bad Girl

By April Lara | 2 years ago

In the latest episode of “Devious Maids” Season 3, Episode 9 “Bad Girl,” Taylor finally talks about the truth behind Katie’s identity while Jesse has something to do with Louie Becker… Read below for the full recap:

Evelyn finally got her own child from the adoption agency/ It was after bribing her way to make it to the top of the list. Adrian isn’t pleased about this at all and Evelyn tried to convince him by suggesting that they haven’t totally adopted Deon, the child but only fostering him for the meantime. Still, Adrian doesn’t want to go through having a child again and losing him. He explained to Evelyn and Evelyn understood but was still persistent to keep Deon. Adrian tried to scare off the child and the next day the child wanted to leave the house. Evelyn was furious. Since Adrian’s plan didn’t work, he called a private investigator to find out the real parents of Deon.

Rosie went to Spence’s house because he needs help with Miguel and Ernesto is in Mexico. She was surprised to find a Playboy magazine in Miguel’s bed. Rosie asked if he can talk to Miguel about this since they’re both men. Later that day, Rosie found out that Miguel has a crush on Katie and tried to kiss her, but Kati threatened her that if he tries to kiss her again she’s going to kill him and dance in his blood. It was a pretty horrific thing to say for a child. Rosie was alarmed about this so she finally confronted Taylor about Katie.

Taylor finally said the truth. Katie is indeed from Mexico. She witnessed her father getting murdered as she was hiding in the closet. The threat that she told Miguel was the exact thing she heard when her father was getting murdered. She said that people are after Katie because she’s a witness and that is why they concealed her identity. And that being said, it looks like we know who killed his father and why Ernesto is in Mexico.

Rosie then confronted Spence because she learned that he was the one who gave advice to Miguel about Katie. They got into a heated argument. Spence said that she broke him and he was there all along especially when she was in a coma – he took care of Miguel like his own son. After Rosie left, Taylor was actually in Spence’s place and asked him if Rosie knows about them. Spence said no one knows about them. Is Spence the guy Taylor is having an affair with that Michael knows?

In other news, Marisol demanded that Jesse gets a new job right away but while, at the club, she found some dirt about Jesse. Jesse had a beef with Louie at the club. He was fired as well from the club because he violated some rules. Marisol was getting really suspicious that night she purposely asked Jesse to run to the grocery for an ingredient for their dinner and while he was away she snooped around and found Jesse’s gun. Jesse saw her with the gun. Marisol quickly pointed it at him and demanded to know the truth.

Jesse said that he has the gun after a man’s leg was found in the neighbourhood and he’s only trying to protect himself. And about Louise, they did have a fight. It was because he found out Louie was getting really forty and touchy with women at the club and he ratted him out. Louie started to tell lies about him to get him fired. Jesse said that he never told her because he was embarrassed and Marisol seems to believe him.

Carmen decided to ask Jacklyn about the kiss when she noticed that she does that with everyone. However, she still asked and was about to shrug it off when Jacklyn said that there’s something about them. Late the day, Carmen was hanging out with Sebastien when Carmen got a text from Jacklyn asking her out on a date that night. Carmen was doubtful. Sebastien pushed her to go so he could catch her in the act and break up with her right there and then. So, she said yes to Jacklyn.

During their date, Sebastien was running late. When Jacklyn tried to go for a kiss, Carmen said she couldn’t do it and told her that if she’s not happy with her marriage she should divorce him and find that special someone. When Sebastien came home he found Jacklyn waiting for him, wanting to talk and Sebastien said he has to make a call first. Of course, he’s going to call Carmen and when her phone rings something vibrated on the couch where Jacklyn was sitting: the cat’s out of the bag now. What’s going to happen now to Carmen’s career and what will Jacklyn do with her marriage now that she knows Carmen and Sebastien are playing her?

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